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Book-related Mail from Sashi’s Squad

Kittehs Aww

I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY TO WIN A GIVEAWAY. So this isn’t exactly a book mail post but it is book related so I guess it is blog-worthy to post about it. I was fixing up some drafts to post in the future when the weird mail guy arrived. WOHOOOOOOOO! It has been so long since I’ve received mail and it feels so refreshing to actually look at something that isn’t digital or virtual. For the last two days, I have been editing and fixing my blog and I have my exams coming up next week (hahahahaha, ask me if I have dared to study). So back to the book-related mail! Here it was in it’s Xend package:

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Book Mail (Full Unboxing) 2.0

Good evening from this side! I have been getting tons of book mail ever since I joined bookstagram and my parent’s are getting suspicious! Well Cheeselings, I can’t help it if I am overly addicted to buying books online (again, because of the bookstore issues) and indie authors are sending me copies! Anyway, they don’t know about the buying part because they think everything is free. ( yes, I’m a lying daughter) CHEESELINGS I CAN’T TELL THEM I SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE ONLINE SO THEY COULD BUY ME BOOKS!!! Anyways, here is the full unboxing of my huge book mail! In 5, 4, 3, 2…

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Book Mail + Life Update/Rant

          School is fast approaching! Next week is the start of something new. I just can’t imagine life being a Grade 10 student. Everything is just so overwhelming and if it wasn’t for K-12, I would be in college by next school year. I have mixed emotions starting out this year, I seriously want to be the bookworm and shy persona I always aimed to be but I can’t because I’m too crazy and outgoing. I want to finally start my dreams and read a non-related book in class but I can’t do that because recitation is important. I don’t want to be in the top ten because I failed last year and got ranked 11. I just wanna dive into the world of books and forget about the stressful school works but again, I must set my priorities straight.

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Current Read + Book Mail

       Good afternoon from this side of the world! So if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll know that my current read is IA: Initiate by John Darryl Wilson. After some busy days of fixing my life, I’m on page 121 of this lovely book. And yes, it was given to me in exchange for an honest review. I’m not gonna lie, at first I thought it was boring but as I continued reading, it turned out really good. Click these if you wanna check it out:  Amazon
Author’s Instagram

2016-05-31 12.18.05 1.jpg

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Book Mail! (full unboxing)

      Hello fellow bookworms! I’m sorry for not posting reviews as much but I have my reasons. Anyway, what’s up butter cups? OMG OMG TRYING TO CONTAIN MYSELF FROM THIS EXCITEMENT IS KILLING ME! I CANNOT STAY SANE! SOMEONE SEND ME A BOX OF REESE’S TO CALM ME DOWN!!!

      Okay, on a formal note, I received my long awaited BOOK MAIL that I have ordered from the glorious internet! I will post a photo on my Instagram but to my amazing blog followers you’re in for a special treat! Here is the complete unboxing of my lovely book mail! I’m still crying because this is the first time I ordered from Instagram in my 15 years of existence in this wonderful world and I’m glad that it wasn’t a scam.

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