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Book-related Mail from Sashi’s Squad

Kittehs Aww

I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY TO WIN A GIVEAWAY. So this isn’t exactly a book mail post but it is book related so I guess it is blog-worthy to post about it. I was fixing up some drafts to post in the future when the weird mail guy arrived. WOHOOOOOOOO! It has been so long since I’ve received mail and it feels so refreshing to actually look at something that isn’t digital or virtual. For the last two days, I have been editing and fixing my blog and I have my exams coming up next week (hahahahaha, ask me if I have dared to study). So back to the book-related mail! Here it was in it’s Xend package:

WAAAAAAAAAAAH! I AM JUST SO EXCITED FOR THESEEEEEEE! But before I forget, go follow @sashisquad on instagram to know how you can get your hands on the following goodies and more! Are ya ready Harry?

they were neatly and safely packed (that cute little tie tho sooo cute)
and here they are in all their glory (the gold letters tho, so prettyyyy!)







I won two cloth-bound pocket notebooks (one says ‘Stay Alive |-/’ and one says Hakuna Matata) and I got to customize what these notebooks said and etc. The next thing that I got was a Book Review Journal and I am so in love with it right now! So more deets:

a very thoughtful note, awwww
dotted grid on the pocket notebook

The pages of the Book Review Journal:

first page beauty!
my dream to be finally organized


So yeah, that basically ends this blog post! I hoped you enjoyed the mail as much as I did. Can’t wait to write on the Book Review Journal. Looking for cute and fantastic pocket notebooks, Book Review Journals, Travel Journals and more? Visit @sashisquad on Instagram now! And don’t forget to have a lovely day!