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Life Update + New Rating System

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IT HAS BEEN AGES SINCE I LAST BLOGGED! And I never imagined that I would ever do it again but here I am trying to revive this old cheese of mine (yep, still stuck with my cheese obsession). As you can see, my blog has a new look and tons of pink in it (omg so much hate pink smh) it’s because im trying to match my feed with this blog. BUT DON’T WORRY, I’M STILL THE RANTING CHEESELING YOU ALL KNEW!

I have been hella busy with school and my life as a human being these past months but I’m proud to say that this October, I have been reading a lot and I’m very proud of myself. I’ll post the book reviews after this post. Anyways, in order to revive this dead blog, I have put more effort into the graphics and I will also have a new review/rating system!

So for the new review system, I’m going to adapt Roina‘s system ( a huge thank you to her for letting me use it, all credit goes to her and give her some love by following her blog! p.s. she posts the most amazing book reviews! here is her instagram account too: @carpefiction). So here is her system:

rating system

So yeah, it explains itself and I’m glad I stumbled upon it because it is such a systematic way of rating the inside and outside of a book. My review’s format will be based on that criteria and let’s just see where it goes. So for the rating graphics:

0-25% (DNF/just why did you write the book?)

26-55% (two flowers for the effort)

56-75% (decent content, more twists please)

76-94% (four flowers for a good book)

95-100% (a ‘pow’ for being one of the most awesome books ever!)

So as you can see, the lowest rating that I have is 3 flowers since I have realized the how much effort, sweat, blood and paper was shed for every piece of book and it’s only just that it doesn’t get a rating less than 3 (purely, in my opinion). So there goes my life update and blog update as well. See you on my next posts!

[Edit]: I read some bad books this week so I’m gonna include 1 and 2 stars as a rating (yes, it was that terrible).

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