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Amazing News + Past Bookmail!

     Greetings Cheeselings! Sorry for being super inactive but I am here to share some amazing news! I am still busy and stressed with school but I made time for this! Yay! 🌵🌵

          The Cheeseling family has been extended. Let us all welcome the new addition to the family, Tyler and Joseph the Cacti!

     STORY TIME: My friend and I was waiting at a meeting place for another friend so that we can start researching about our research study, when suddenly, we saw a stand that sells cactus people! I didn’t have much money but I felt an instant attraction to the cactus people. So after we finished ‘researching’ (but ended up watching GoT), we went back to the store and both bought a 50 php worth of cactus people!

2016-06-26 01.38.15 1.jpg

       MAY THE GODS OF HEAVEN BLESS THEIR PRICKLY BEINGS! hERE is a picture that shows the date of when I bought these little beauties and the price. I named them after my favorite person in the music industry, Tyler Joseph — thus the name, Tyler and Joseph. Yes, he’s the one from Twenty One Pilots! Skeleton Clique unite!!!

2016-06-26 01.38.44 1.jpg

       My babies are so photogenic! Now, lemme show you a quick preview of the past bookmail that I got from Eira because this book was all I ever dreamed of in life!

     2016-06-13 09.06.59 1.jpg2016-06-13 09.07.45 1.jpg

      So there it is! The magnificent, incredible and wonderful Six of Crows in the physical form! Omg! I still can’t stop fangirling over the colour-dipped pages (as what I call them but they say its called spray-painted pages) ANYWAYS, I HAVE SO MUCH SCHOOL WORK TO DO! HAVE A NICE DAY AND…



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