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Book Mail (Full Unboxing) 2.0

Good evening from this side! I have been getting tons of book mail ever since I joined bookstagram and my parent’s are getting suspicious! Well Cheeselings, I can’t help it if I am overly addicted to buying books online (again, because of the bookstore issues) and indie authors are sending me copies! Anyway, they don’t know about the buying part because they think everything is free. ( yes, I’m a lying daughter) CHEESELINGS I CAN’T TELL THEM I SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE ONLINE SO THEY COULD BUY ME BOOKS!!! Anyways, here is the full unboxing of my huge book mail! In 5, 4, 3, 2…

      So yeah, I decided to take my blog photos in a black background since I’m going with a different theme on my Instagram (the reason being I like change and more people are surprisingly using the black background). DOESN’T THE BOOK MAIL LOOK SO SO SO PRETTY??? Let’s open some, shall we?

2016-06-11 02.50.23 1.jpg

   Yes, I finally learned how to minimize the size of things because some of my book mail unboxings looked a bit extra weird with the super huge photo. It’s like rubbing off book mail happiness in someone’s innocent face. So the first book is from the indie author JeanNicole Rivers called Black Water Tales: The Unwanted and it’s obviously a thriller paranormal book by looking at the cover.

2016-06-11 02.48.53 1.jpg

     I love the splash of red from this cover! And the plot is totally intriguing. This the  Winter’s Bride by the lovely Nellie C. Lind. Thank you so much for this Adult Fantasy adventure!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

    Next is this hot little thing sent by the lovely A. Wilding Wells called A Mess of Reason and it is a New Adult Romance Contemporary (with the sexiest bachelor in the planet!) My ghads, I hate drugs. Ahahahaha

      And last but not the least is the book that I bought with my own money! Ascend, which is the third installment to the Trylle Trilogy, was just so tempting to buy even though I still don’t have Torn or read Switched because it was in a really low price.

       I’m sorry if in the future, I won’t be able to post a lot. School is really important and it is my main priority. Thank you so much for understanding Cheeselings and I love every single one of you! I hope you’ll still be able to support me even though I’m not as active as I used to be. Again, thank you for the support and love. And…



4 thoughts on “Book Mail (Full Unboxing) 2.0

      1. I can’t wait to know your thoughts on the new adult book sent to you, because I’m actually looking for NA to add to my shelf since I’ll be turning 20 on October. 😀

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