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Book Mail + Life Update/Rant

          School is fast approaching! Next week is the start of something new. I just can’t imagine life being a Grade 10 student. Everything is just so overwhelming and if it wasn’t for K-12, I would be in college by next school year. I have mixed emotions starting out this year, I seriously want to be the bookworm and shy persona I always aimed to be but I can’t because I’m too crazy and outgoing. I want to finally start my dreams and read a non-related book in class but I can’t do that because recitation is important. I don’t want to be in the top ten because I failed last year and got ranked 11. I just wanna dive into the world of books and forget about the stressful school works but again, I must set my priorities straight.


             I seriously don’t like the idea of competing with people (maybe unless I’m sure that I’m good enough) but that ideas is inhumane to me. Anyways, I’m getting to personal! I just wanted to say that I might stop blogging for awhile or worse, stop reading books! But I will certainly still be buying some more! You can still find me on Instagram though, so no worries! Okay now let’s start with the book mail!

Amazing, Fabulous and Cheap Book Mail Award goes to…

2016-06-07 06.22.16 1.jpg

Yes! I opened it right away! I know, I am very ashamed. I bought them online and I don’t kn0w what happened but I was persuaded to buy them even though they weren’t on my list! So I bought these for 450 php or 9.756 usd (yes, that includes the shipping fee). The one that really got my attention was Overbite by Meg Cabot becauseit was sealed with a tag from powerbooks saying 920 pesos! I should ban myself from buying online.

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Look at those cutie bookmarks!

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             They are all in super good conditions! I’m planning to buy the Lunar Chronicles, TMI and TID this year so wish me luck! Also, special shoutout to Eira for buying me Six of Crows! I will definitely post that next week when it arrives! I am so so happy and so so much more happy. I am really waiting to see the black-dipped sides of the hardbound version. Thank you so much Cole, my OLBF/maybe-long-lost-cousin/Bunneh Strippehs! I love you to the moon and back!

Here is a sneak peek of the book mail that I’ll be sending to Alex he he he he. Don’t judge me with the wrapping! I consider my wrapping/ cling wrapping skills close to flawless! (p.s. that wand was handmade so don’t criticize it too much)


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I’m seriously clueless with shipping things!

           I heard from Papa awhile ago that he didn’t receive the three packages for me because of the taxes. Urgh! He said he was just kidding and the mail person in the cool motorcycle will come here later to deliver them! My gods, I hate taxes here in the Philippines! (I also hate drugs ahahahha #DU30) Thanks for reading, have a star butterfly day and…




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