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Book Review: Red Queen


Author: Victoria Aveyard

Date Read: May 18, 2016

Date Finished: May 21, 2016

         This book is a collection of all of our favorite elements thrown in a pit and mixed with sparkles and blood. I wouldn’t say that the plot and events weren’t original at all but most parts of the book you will be thinking, ‘Oh I’ve seen this before’. It’s kind of a Graceling, The Selesction and The Hunger Games all together in one harmonious blend and I don’t really care because I personally enjoyed this book a lot (or maybe it’s because I haven’t read any of those books above). I finished this book days ago so this review might not be so legit but I promise the feels are still real.

           The characters in the book are really well developed considering there are so much going on plus the pressure of good world-building. The world or time or universe or whatever the book is based on is still a bit underdeveloped for my liking. Every transition and event was well planned and lead the most awesome, horrendous and exciting betrayal that I have ever experienced. I was really annoyed with the Silvers and the guys in this book (but they are still baes). I just hate the fact that Mare likes all three guys! Can’t you just pick one or at least two? Three guys made everything confusing for me. Although I was team Cal slowly shifting to team Maven but after the betrayal, I’d rather go to Kilorn! I hope I read the Glass Sword soon and see why they hate Mare so much. Definitely recommended for teens.


Star rating: 4 out of 5

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