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Current Read: Red Queen [SPOILERS]

        Slumpy has finally passed and now I’m reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (e-book version bc poor). And I think it was a bit overhyped but I gave it a try and I’m totally loving it! Graceling meets The Selection. I haven’t read neither so I can’t tell you much about that. But from what I heard, it resembles Graceling because of the inhumane powers and all that and the Queenstrial really resembles The Selection. This book totally gets all of our favorite things and puts it in one amazing book, not much of an original read though.


       So far, I am on page 106 of this fabulous book and I’m Team Cal. I’m not sure if it will change or not but we will see. I was shipping Mare with Kilorn but ugh he’s so out of the picture. I don’t know how I feel about Maven, I guess I have to get to know him more first.

     What I do find annoying in this book so far is the Silvers. Like dude, WTF is your problem? If I was a Silver, I’d be totally nice to the Reds because like we get everything from them and they’re already having a hard time living not to mention they don’t have super awesome powers and silverblood. I’m just super mad at Queen Elara because she is a cold-hearted manipulative bish and she deserves to die. Of course! Let’s now forget about King Tiberius, he should be a burnt marshmallow by now. SMH SMH! Watch out for my review and…

“May your book cover never crease!” – Nini (ninireads.png)

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