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Slumpy and other things

         So I did promise myself to read Gone by Michael Grant and not neglect it but I was diagnosed by myself with a horrible virus called Slumpy. I’m trying different ways to get into reading again like actually trying to read an e-book of Red Queen (because I’m seriously financially poor atm) but again my pet Slumpy is acting up.

           I’m still stuck in the middle of Gone and the first page of Red Queen. I just can’t seem to concentrate on reading because my mind is wandering somewhere else.

So I don’t really know what to do with my life at this point since my daily routine is just:

Wake up
Open Instagram
Take pictures for Instagram
Open Instagram
Check Blog
Open Instagram

           And as you can see, no reading is included anymore because I just get super excited with Instagram and somehow addicted to it. I could literally go a day without eating ( i have no life ik). Happy 100 plus views to this weird, stupid and uninteresting blog of mine! Also happy 600 plus followers on Instagram too. I can’t believe 600 people want to be my followers! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH I shall rule the world sooner than expected.

          I just wanna share my awesome experience on Bookstagtam. It’s just a super awesome and solemn community where you can be yourself and express your love for books without being judged for your dorkiness (bc duh we’re all dorks). I have met so many amazing people on the way and I am loving every second I am on the community. You know that feeling where you get and giddy and happy because everyone is welcoming and nice? That’s Bookstagram. From wherever or whatever country you’re from, as  long as you are passionate about books, I am sure you’ll make lots of friends on the community. This is selfless advertising everyone! Spread the love ~ And…

“May your book cover never crease!” – Nini (ninireads.png)

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