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Book Review: The Luthier’s Apprentice

Author: Mayra Clavani

Date Read: May 9, 2016

Date Finished: May 10, 2016

           So I just found out that this was published already since 2014 and I thought you guys should know that this isn’t a new release. I got this book in epub format from Lola’s Blog Tours. Honestly, I hate e-books, they just wear my eyes out more than regular books but I had to do it for this book review. Okay so let’s start the review!

          This book was particularly shorter than any novel or part of a series I have read since it only contained exactly 206 pages. I fell in love with the writing of the writer completely! It was fast-paced but I was still able to grasp the gravity of the plot and the emotions of the characters. The book was descriptive and I didn’t feel rushed at all considering it’s just gonna be a short read.

         I enjoyed this book so much eventhough my head hurt from my iPad’s radiation,  I kept reading! My personal favorite character was Blackie the Bunny, I just love it when the main character has a loving pet. When the character, Corey, was introduced I already shipped him with Emma and myself (he he he) and the way he was described was so beautifully written. Again, I am impressed with the character development. OMG! The kiss though, the feels are real!

          The plot twist was very exciting and I seriously had a guess but the book distracted me from it so I was surprised with the twist and didn’t got bored at all waiting for it to be revealed. But from all of this praising, I have to cut off one star because of the ending. I didn’t feel the ending at all, it was too fast and rushed! I wasn’t able to feel anything. I felt numb. I’m just very disappointed with the ending but it was good overall!

Star rating: 5 out of 5

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