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First Blog Ever! + post schedules


Omg! Omg! Omg! First post ever in my blog! This is gonna be a blog where I talk and rant about everything bookish!

Too many exclamation marks though. So what I am planning to do with this website or blog of mine is post reviews, talk about books, drink some tea and etc —  you get the idea. So today, for my first ever blog post I will be posting the possible blog post schedule that I’m hopefully gonna follow.


I am gonna be posting every M W F S or whenever if I miss any of those dates. If you wanna see me post everyday, go check out my bookstagram! It’s linked twice in this website, be a sweetie and find it if you’re interested. Thank you for reading my blog post and…

“May your book cover never crease!” – Nini (ninireads.png)





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