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Current Read: Red Rain [SPOILERS]


Okay so this is my current read and I am in page 135 where I skipped but soon after read the mini sex scene and oh my gods of Mt. Olympus help me. It was disgusting. Mark, why did you cheat on Lea? How dare you Mark! I thought he was a psychologist? Why didn’t he trick Autumn into leaving? The worst part is he wanted it and I could feel he wanted more. Like MARK PLEASE! And another similar thing like that happened in this book, with Andy and Sari. Andy already has a girlfriend and he made out with his ex, Sari. I’m so mad at R.L. Stine but I still love you!

So far, this book isn’t as promising as I hoped it would be. It wasn’t scary at all in opinion, the twins are just messed up. I will continue reading though, in case it gets good and scary. I’m really waiting for the factor which doesn’t let me sleep at night because I do tend to get scared easily. Honestly, I’m guessing that these twins have been long dead since they have weird accents as everyone describes. And I don’t have an idea on the red rain’s big role in this story since it was just raining blood and wild angelic blond-heart blue-eyes twins appeared.  I’ll be sure to update you guys soon! Thanks for reading and…

“May you book cover never crease!” -Nini (ninireads.png)

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